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what is celpip

-- The Canadian designed English test for 

    immigration purposes.

CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program), is a language test designed by the Canadian Immigration Service specifically designed for immigrants. The test scores are directly linked to CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark), which makes the grading process more clear and reasonable for the Canadian immigration Express Entry. Since the test format and content are so closely related to the Canadian daily life, it is much easier to prepare than other English tests for most people who work, study and live in Canada.

The content of the exam is close to daily life in Canada, which is much easier for people who lives in Canada. The exam is all computer-based exams with the spelling correction that will correct your spelling errors automatically during the writing test. Also the word count is so convenient that helps you to count your words. So it is more suitable for people who are not good at word spelling or interpersonal communicating. Compared to IELTS, the accent of the listening test is all in Canadian English, unlike the others that has international  accents!

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CELPIP is much easier to prepare than IELTS. This is very helpful for candidates who apply for immigration through Express Entry, because if your Listening can be upgraded from level 6 to level 7, your score will change from 9 points to 17 points. If your get 1 more point for both listening, speaking, reading and writing, and your EE score can be increased by 32 points! It is far more reasonable than the IELTS scoring standard, and the grading are more clear!


The UK,go for IELTS

The US,go for TOEFL

Canada,of corse CELPIP!

“It made sense that you'd take a Canadian English Language test for Canadian Immigration.”

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